Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Helpless UPA

Slightly digressing from what all i used to write, this time i thought i would write about the government.
Its already been over an year or the second term of UPA in power. The frist term had been a mixture of success and failure. Well, mostly success. But the coalition government ha been totally helpless in resolving some issues of the past whereas new issues have also coe into existence. I would like to cast an eye on four major issues in which the UPA had been totally unsuccessful.
     First and the most important issue is hunger. India has the highest number of malnutritioned people in the world. It is shameful for a country like ours where 70% population is involved in agriculture. The problem is not the lack of food but the government's inability to store it. The farmers produce enough to feed every citizen of the nation, but because of the lack of adquate storage facilities, it all goes waste. Steps must be taken by the Center as well as the State govt. to look into the matter before the  condition further exacerbates.
     Second is the Kashmir issue. The issue which enraged two months back has already taken over 70 civilian lives and the government is still clueless and helpless on what needs to be done. According to me the govt., instead of imposing curfews, should reach the people, the stone pelting youth, talk to them on one-on-one basis and understand their problems. The outrage which is possibly incited by local politcians who fill the people with hatred against the government.Such politicians need to be identified and punished.
     Third problem which the government faces today is naxalism. It has been present with us for years and is going to be if the government doesn't act smartly. Besieging their territory and killing them is no solution. The naxals needs to be talked with and their issues needs to be adderessed and considered. The Center and State govt. of C.G., Zharkhand, West Bengal, Bihar, Orrisa and A.P. should coordinate their actions and work collectively to find aa solution of this problem. In this context i would like to appreciate to action taken up by Bihar govt to hold talks with Naxals.
    The last but the most important is the problems of UPA within itself. The coalition govt formed by Congress and allied parties are not confortable among themselves. They first need to resolve their internal issues only then can they solve he problems of the nation.
Jain Hind.
 P.S. There is yet another issue which needs to be resolved: Inflation. Well we can just hope that the government gets its acts together before its too late.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Its time India Inc. calls for the second Green Revolution

After writing some book reviews i decided to write on a serious topic so i picked up the most important and yet the most ignored subject among the people : Agriculture.
India is the home for a forth of the world's population and of it the 65% has agriculture as their main occupation or rather their only source of employment. But it is surprising to see that only 15-18% of our GDP is contributed from agriculture and the share is constantly plummeting. On one hand millions of people sleep hungry every night whereas on the other hundreds of tonnes of wheat gets rotten down because of lack of adequate storage facilities. I suppose its time for India Inc. to divest some of its energy and resources to this field , before the conditions aggravates any further.
The aggressive industrialization and urbanization policies will do no good if the people still die out of hunger. Further more, if India wants to increase its GDP, then the first priority should be given to the field which employees the highest percent of people : agriculture.
A lot needs to be done in this field which includes proper and adequate subsidizing of fertilizers and seeds, providing the farmers with proper markets to sell their crops and get the right price for their work, educating them and industrialization of agriculture.
However the conditions are not completely grave as some private and govt. aided companies have emerged as the savior like Reliance and ITC and also some entrepreneur. But the government should rise up to help before its too late.