Tuesday, July 26, 2011

First Day at Polaris Software Lab . Hyderabad

Today was my first day of the job at Polaris in Hydearabad. We(my friends of college and myself) are provided temporary residance in a company Guest -house for 15 days.
A cab has been arranged for us to pick us up from the guest house to the company location. In the morning at eight a cab (more precisely a Maruti Alto) picked us up for a small ten minutes drive to the office building. So we reached the company office building more called "The Capital". "The Capital" is a five storie tall and is spread over an area of about 20-25 thousand sq. feet. It is situated between a number of skyscrapers of companies like Microsoft, ICICI, Wipro etc. which makes it look small. But the architecture of our building is, i must admit, much better than any of those.
We were provided visitors' pass to enter the building as it was our first day and hence the enployee pass were not yet ready. The loddy of building was beautifully designed and also had a small indoor garden which accentuated its beauty.
After waiting for a few minutes in the lobby, we were led to a conference room for the commencement of the indduction program. The room was trepizoidal shaped and could accomodate about 30 people at a time. Here we were provided with a joining kit (which had a number of forms to be filled-up and signed), a diary and a heavy -duty book called the Polaris Language Book. So after filling-up the forms we headed for lunch at the cafeterium. Well, the building has in all 3 cafeteria which serve various types of veg-biryanis and few chinese dishes, but then again the rates were nominal.
After lunch it was time for the second half of the day. Two leading-banks' representatives had come to lure us into opening our salary accounts in their banks. The representatives of City Bank and HDFC gave a presentation each, and after pondering over it for a few moments I decided for HDFC. After filling-up the form and signing for 250th time in the day finally my account was opened. I was provided with a debut cum shopping card and a check book then and there itself (all thanks to the readymade account opening kits for fast service) . This was pretty much the end of the day for us at Polaris.