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The essay is primarily addressed to all those people who are not doing the things they want to do and are postponing taking decisions.
If you are one of those people who is unsatisfied with your current condition and still have no clue on what to do, you should read this. If you are working in a field where your talent and skill is wasted, you should read this. If you are living with a person you despise, you should read this. If you are spending time doing demeaning work as per you ability, you should read this. If you want to quit smoking, you should read this. If you believe you can spend a better life, you should read this. If you have faith in yourself, but are afraid to take decisions, you should read this. If something is stopping you from doing the right thing, you should read this.

To begin with, let’s define Change.
What is change?
Change, which I am talking about, is making a change within you. It’s doing something new which is out of your comfort zone for the first time. It’s about doing something which you know would be good for you over long term but may be painful in short term. Change is about doing something which you always wanted to do. Change which I am NOT talking about is the external change over which one has no control over. That said I believe there will be few instances in a human’s life where he won’t have a control over the changes happening around him.
Change has two steps:
1)      Deciding/Determining what to change
2)      Taking steps to implement the change

Deciding/Determining what to change:
There could be tens, if not hundreds, of things you may want to change in your life. You may want to change your job; you may want to change your lifestyle, environment, habits, behavior or outlook. The very first thing about change is identifying the core area of change. It’s about identifying the issue that needs addressing. If you have identified it, you are almost half was through. Now you just need to work over step two.

If you have not yet found it, keep searching. Keep thinking. If you are unable to find the cause, it would perhaps be because of your own inability. The inability to identify this causes frustration. The inability to realize that something ought to be changed is the cause of frustration among many people. You may be doing well in everything. You might be earning well, having a great family life, but within yourself you might be frustrated. Unable to identify the cause of frustration leads to more frustration. It causes clashes within your mind. How to sort these out? Well, you need to find out what needs to be changed and the only way to find that out is through introspection. Give yourself some time. Relax and sit down for a while. Sit for a day, for weeks, months to find out that one thing that is frustrating you. Introspect. Note down all the things that you are not happy about in a piece of paper. After noting everything down, arrange them in the decreasing order of their disturbing nature; most disturbing thing first followed by less disturbing. Now look at the first thing. Analyze it. Ask a question to yourself. Can you change anything about it? Is there anything you can possibly do to make it less disturbing? Well, there is always at least one thing that you can change about everything: your attitude towards it.

Finally I want to talk about another category of people: those who ignore the frustration. I feel there is one thing that is even worse than the inability to find the cause of frustration. It is ignoring it. You may have already realized what is the cause of clutter in your mind, still you are not giving due importance to it. By doing so, you are not fooling anybody but yourself. This is not the best way to live life; ignoring what you know about life, not doing perhaps the best thing in this world to make your own life better. The betterment of your life is but in your own hands. Better not ignore the facts life presents you with. Accept them. Acknowledge the things that disturb you in the first place. Life is as simple as you make it. Some facts and situations are in front of you. It’s up to you to interpret and comprehend them. You can take out conclusions as per your understanding of things. So rather than ignoring the cause of frustration, why not face it and try to change something about it.

I have a small story to tell you here about one of my friends. My friend, Riya, is a beautiful girl but very sensitive emotionally. Because of her sensitivity she used to be very frustrated with her boyfriend. She was frustrated because he used to hurt her, blame and scold her for petty issues; issues like talking to other boys, not replying to his messages in time. She used to call me every night, crying and sobbing because of her boyfriend. Both of them loved each other a lot but even then there were issues coming up between them. What I was able to realize was that the two of them were simply addicted to each other. They had become habituated to each other. They could not spend a night without talking with each other over phone, for hours. Yet, they were always fighting. Their long hours of chats over phone often ended with her tears. Still, she could not let go of him. She had to talk to her every night. I told her a number of times that the guy is not worth the pain. I tried to help her understand the facts, but she was unable to identify the main cause of her frustration. I felt she was simply ignoring the cause of frustration. It was not her boyfriend, it were her habits and perhaps her own attitude. She had become so used-to him that she could not spend time without thinking about him. She had to change her habits, her attitude towards him, which she did not. I told her a number of times that she needs to break-up with him, which she did not do for the two years. It’s only recently, after three years of suffering that she is out of the hell. She finally left him, only after leaving the city for further studies. Had she not left the city, she would probably still be suffering because of her attitude.
I have a lot of friends who, I believe, can do a lot better than they already are. I don’t know if they know this. They are very talented but are unaware of their talent or are simply afraid to take decisions. Here I am talking about those people who are working in a particular field say IT, and earning great salary but are unsatisfied with their jobs.  They are not enjoying their work. Some of them are aware that they can do better. Still they are afraid of the consequences of taking a wrong decision, which may or may not turn out to be wrong. By wrong decision I mean quitting their jobs to start their own ventures or go for further studies etc. They just can’t decide and hence are continuing with their unsatisfactory positions. To these kinds of people my father would say: “If you don’t get into the water then how will you learn to swim?” Just as you need to get into the water to learn swimming, so you need to change certain things to know your ability. You need to get out of your comfort zone to do something that you have never done. If you don’t come out of your comfort zone, you’ll never be able to do the things you’ve not done before. You need to let go of the things less important to you to follow that ultimate dream of yours. You have but one life.
So, after going through Step 1 of Change, you may not already be pondering over that one thing that needs to be changed. If that is the case then you are on the right track. You should think, ponder over facts. You should think while reading. If you have been able to think of few such things that makes you sad or are to be changed you can move to next step.
Taking steps to implement change:  
The next thing about change is taking the required step forward. The first step may be making up your mind to make the change. Yes, once you have identified the problem, it’s important to decide it within yourself that you’ll fight for it.

The first step is always the hardest to take. It’s hard to let go of your comfortable life to start something new. You don’t want to take the risk with your life, your career and hence you are always afraid to let go of the comfort you are enjoying. You are full of fear of failure. You may be so full of fear of failure that you ignore it. You don’t feel it necessary to acknowledge the fear of failure. For others, it may be simple carelessness about making certain changes. They may be too busy with doing something more important than resolving their own life issues. May be they are busy watching T.V, drinking beers or doing the regular office work. People try to suppress their frustration with booze or work which further accentuates the problem.
About change, I have one philosophy: If you don’t try something, how can you judge if it’s right (good) or not. If you don’t take a decision, then how will you know if it was right or wrong? If you don’t explore the options, then how will you select the best one?
It’s better to take the things at the face values. Interpret the things as they are and not twist and turn the facts to make some irrelevant conclusions and completely misinterpret the things. Make the required change to make your life more beautiful and exciting.
The most comfortable and safe time in a person’s life to make hard decisions is during their early twenties. During this period, usually people are not burdened under great responsibilities and can afford to do mistakes. So, rather than being timid, you should be bold to take the required step. Take that plunge to discover yourself. Try new stuff. Do what you like. Discover! Explore! Don’t be afraid to fail. You don’t have anything to lose. Be confident. You can always start again. But this time will never return. You may end up regretting not doing certain thing in your life. Now is the time. Just do it.

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Top 6 restaurants in Nagpur

Top 6 restaurants in Nagpur

Nan Kings -
A place to have the best Chinese cuisines in Nagpur. It is one of the oldest restaurants in Nagpur. It was established in 1973 and was named as Wonsun then. This little restaurant will come as a surprise package to you. The taste is awesome and the service is very good. The area is relatively small but interior is done pretty well. You will probably have to wait in a queue on weekends. The restaurants have also been issued "A" Grade Certificates by the Health Department of NMC (Nagpur Municipal Corporation).
Address - Residency Road, Sadar, Nagpur- 440001
Food : 9/10
Service : 9/10
Ambience : 8/10

Rhythm & Blues - Rhythm & Blues at Tuli International is modelled to look like an English pub and does a very good job at it. The food is the best part of a visit to RnB! Everything, from the Mughlai “Parluft Kabab” to the Indian “Butter Chicken” and the Continental “Pasta Alfredo” are absolutely amazing! The bar is well equipped with bartenders who capable of whipping up all sorts of exotic cocktails and shots. The orders are dished out pretty fast but if going on a weekend, service is slow and a few goof-ups are bound to happen. It is a small place and a good spot to watch matches and support your favorite team during IPL or Football matches on a big screen.
Address: Hotel Tuli International, Residency Road,Sadar, Nagpur.`
Food : 9/10
Service : 8/10
Ambience : 8/10

Fionaa - Fionaa or Fiona, means “white” or “fair” which perfectly describes the interiors here. White couches, white walls and white floor. There are two separate sections- for the Restaurant and the Lounge. The Restaurant is quiet with soft instrumental music playing in the background and dim lighting, whereas the lounge is where the party people go. Fionaa is among the few places in Nagpur that serves well even on weekends. The staff is polite and the food is served without a lot of waiting time.
Address: 209,Dharampeth Towers, 3rd Floor, W.H.C. Road, Dharampeth,Nagpur-10
Food : 8/10
Service : 7/10
Ambience : 9/10

Barbeque - "Ordinary ambience, Extra Ordinary Taste". This establishment is nearly 15-20 years old. But the thing that hasn’t changed over the years is the quality taste. They serve super best food and you need not be a gourmet to say that. The place is small, but how does that matter to a food lover? It also takes care of your packet. The semi open kitchen and the very attentive staff ensures good quality food is served with minimal fuss and quickly which makes it heavily crowded on weekends. If you are Hard core non vegetarian and only taste is your priority, then this is a DO-NOT-MISS place for you.
Address - Mount Road, Sadar, Nagpur 
Food : 9/10
Service : 8/10
Ambience : 6/10

Fountain Sizzlers & Bistro -  'Sizzlers and Bistro' is a vegetarian Family Restaurant. The specialty, as the name suggests, are the 'Sizzlers'. Apart from these, the whole range of Continental cuisine is a treat for the taste buds. Two words that perfectly describe this place are: Serene & Classy. The interior gives you the same feeling as their menu does: Continental! The menu is filled with names you might not have heard before! But be assured they'll explain to you in delightful detail what exactly is it that you wish to order. You wouldn't fail to notice the suavity in their mannerisms.
Address - B-9 orange city towers, Opp. Tilak Patrakar Bhavan, Dhantoli, Nagpur
Food: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Ambience: 8/10

Mustard - A branch of Bawarchi that is better than Bawarchi itself. Affordable. A very quiet and decent ambience that makes your family-time worth. You can enjoy open roof and indoor dining as well. They even serve free alcohol with the bill of 3k and above, which obviously is an attractive offer to avail. The menu offered for meals gives a wider choice with various preparations in different servings. And unless you specifically ask for less, the quantity offered is pretty good! The taste for veg as well as non veg cuisine is very good. A must-go place if you are planning to dine out with family and friends.
Address - Opp. WnG, Shreeram Towers, Next to NIT building, Sadar, Nagpur
Food: 8/10
Ambience: 8/10
Service: 7/10

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Educational Start-ups that will Change the world

Udemy serves as an online platform that allows instructors to build online courses on topics of their choosing. Using Udemy’s content platform, they can upload video, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, audio, zip files and live classes to create courses. Instructors are also allowed to engage and interact with users via online discussion boards.Key features:
  • Founded in February 2010.
  • Launched in May 2010.
  • Launched paid course platform in December 2010.
  • Udemy’s top 10 earning instructors earned >$1.6 million in course sales (as of May 2012).

Coursera, Udacity and EdX
Coursera is an education company that partners with the top universities and organizations in the world to offer courses online for anyone to take, for free. It  offers courses in a wide range of topics, spanning the Humanities, Medicine, Biology, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Business, Computer Science, and many others. Company is offering massive open online courses (MOOCs) and is founded by computer science professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller from Stanford University. As of March 2012, Coursera was not yet generating revenue. However the company is working on ways to monetize its incredibly valuable and popular programs.It has two close competitiors in MOOC segment: Udacity and EdX.

Udacity: It is similar to Coursera on most aspects. However the most important point of differnce is that its courses are openly available.  There are no start and finish dates, the courses can be taken at any time and you can work at your own pace, completing each unit or module at you own leisure with no time constraints whatsoever. It was founded by Sebastian Thrun, David Stavens, and Mike Sokolsky. The first two courses ever launched on Udacity both started on 20 February 2012.

EdX: EdX is a non-profit created by founding partners Harvard and MIT. The main point of difference for EdX is Certificates of mastery are available for all courses. Proctored certificates also available if exam is taken under proctored conditions. However there is a fee for this.



The Khan Academy is a non-profit educational website created in 2006 by educator Salman Khan, a graduate of MIT and Harvard Business School. The stated mission is "providing a high quality education for anyone, anywhere." All of the site's resources are available to anyone. The content available on the website is of top quality and they have made a very innovative website by putting in numerous features. I expect similar websites will burgeon in different countries. The project is funded by donations. Additionally, it earned $2,000 per month from ads on the website in 2010 until Khan Academy ceased to accept advertising.

Skill Share
Skillshare is a global community where you can learn real-world skills from incredible teachers. Teaching and learning topics are based on skills people can use in their everyday lives or jobs, like entrepreneurial skills, culinary specialties, and the arts. Skillshare classes also promotes interaction among students as well as between teachers and students.Since getting off the ground in mid-2011 with the help of almost $4 million in funding, this community marketplace for learning, where visitors can learn (or teach) just about anything for a nominal fee, got a solid start in the online learning market.

 Goal Book
Goalbook is a collaboration platform for teachers, parents, and students centered around the achievement of individual student learning goals. It aims to make tracking of special-needs of students with ILPs and IEPs easier, helping to streamline communication, engage parents, and ensure that students and all who work with them are aware of the educational goals being set. You can create goals and see a summary of progress directly on the student profile. Although the concept is very innovative but its not free.

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10 most promising start-ups in India

In the last five years India has seen emergence a large number of innovative startups. Not all will be making profit in the long run and 60-70% might stop their operations due to various reasons. Here I have tried to list few start ups that have that X-factor in them. They are extravagantly innovative and radical. I have made the list of these start ups on certain criteria listed below: 
  1.  These start ups are not more than five years old.
  2. They are the first in their particular field and presently only one of their kinds
  3. Are Very innovative and have a very wide scope, not focusing on any particular niche.

Most promising of all the recent start ups - Instamojo Inc. is a web-based Indian startup founded in 2010 by Aditya Sengupta, Akash Gehani, Harshad Sharma and Sampad Swain. It provides customers a platform to sell digital goods like e-books, reports, comic books, music, software, templates, photos, tutorials etc by listing the item on the website and sharing the web link with others. It seems to be a really promising startup and I feel a lot more companies are going to follow the path paved by Instamojo. A lot more can be done in the field of file sharing and selling over the internet and it can take numerous forms over the next few years.

Chargebee is a recurring online billing solution for websites and online applications. In the current scenario where more and more people are getting involved in developing online portals, applications and e-commerce stores, chargebee can offer a very effective solution for other start ups. So more like its riding the wave of entrepreneurship and startup culture in India. ChargeBee was set up in May 2011 by the four software professionals – Krishnamoorthy S (CEO), Saravanan KP (CTO), Rajaraman S (Product manager) and Thiyagarajan T (Senior developer)  

Phodphad aims to bring a radical changes in the current education system from standardized college curriculum to a more personalized learning experience, thus creating conditions where a person’s natural talent can flourish. Its a Pilani-based education-oriented networking site that aims to make academics a more rounded experience. Phodphad is an online learning platform that aggregates all the video courses available online and structures them for e-learners. The idea was incepted back in May 2010 in BITS Pilani by Nikhil Daga and his team. I have full faith in the potential of the concept.

Harness Handitouch Private Limited (Harness) is an education technology start-up founded by alumni of premier educational and corporate institutions in India and internationally. Their product, Touch-on-Cloud, is a tablet and cloud based learning 'operating' system which disrupts the idea of classrooms, ICT and learning management systems as we think of them today by bridging the digital-physical divide. The solution has applicability in conventional, online as well as distance learning .Touch-on-Cloud effectively addresses problems faced in current conventional and ICT classrooms such as teacher control and lack of student engagement as it enables user generated content creation, real-time classroom collaboration, evaluation and feedback and content management on the cloud.

BabaJobs is a web and mobile start-up dedicated to bringing better job opportunities to the informal job sector (cooks, maids, security guards, office helpers, etc.) by appropriately connecting the right employers and job seekers via the web, mobile apps, SMS, the mobile web and voice services.As more and more people are getting access to internet, Babajobs has a sea of opportunities waiting to be explored in the Indian rural segment. Babajob was founded in Bangalore, India in 2007

HealthKart sources health & wellness products from across the globe & provide them to every Indian via online shopping. Their domain covers categories like Nutrition, Sports and Fitness, Diabetes, Home Devices, Eye, Personal Care, Beauty, Parenting & Health Services. It is one of its type online health and wellness products website which was formed in March 2011. It has great scope as the bloating middle class of India is increasingly becoming health conscious.


Exotel offers Cloud-based business phone systems to SMEs and enables companies to manage customers via inbound voice calls and SMS without getting into the hassles of setting up a full-fledged call centre. the company adds the intelligence of the Internet with telephony to provide all relevant data needed to run a business over voice & SMS. It was Set up in 2011 by BITS graduate Shivakumar Ganesan who teamed up with Ishwar Sridharan, Siddharth Ramesh and Vijay Sharma.

Delight Circle
DelightCircle, a smartphone and tablet app that provides information on new arrivals and offers on existing products to the user, for nearby locations. The app is available on IOS, Android and Blackberry Platforms. Its a good way to connect technology to the real world shopping experience in a manner never seen before. The startup was founded by Baid, Raviteja Dodda, Smriti Kankariya and Yashwant Kamara in June 2011.

Akosha is a service for Indian consumers which helps them in resolving day to day consumer complaints. Akosha provides service to disgruntled consumers by taking up their grievances with companies for a fee.Customers provide details of their complaint. If it is valid, Akosha takes the case and works out a solution. Ankur Singla created this website in August 2009.

Zomato is an Indian website providing information related to restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs, and events at such establishments in cities of India, Sri Lanka, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, Qatar and the Philippines. The Restaurant Guide section currently lists over 98,900 restaurants and menus for restaurants listed on the website. The website was started by Deepinder Goyal in 2008 and was named as in 2011.

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Top 10 most successful start-ups in India

India is a country of budding entrepreneurs. Every years a large number of entrepreneurs put in efforts to make a system, a website or a project which they believe is the next big thing. However not all the start-ups are able to continue their journey for over 3 years. Most of them become insolvent or fail due to human resource issues. Here I have listed the top 10 start-ups who have made it to over three years.

Undoubtedly the most successful of Indian online companies, Flipkart is one of the biggest and highest earning online companies in India. Being an early starter in the field of online retail, it has the biggest market share of customers. Headquartered in Bangalore, it was founded by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in 2007. In its initial years, Flipkart focused on online sales of books, but it later expanded to electronic goods and a variety of other products. Flipkart offers multiple payment methods like credit card, debit card, net banking, e-gift voucher and Cash on Delivery.

Its a company providing local search services over the Phone, Web, Mobile and SMS. It is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Users are required to call a common number and simply tell the human operator what service they are looking for. Text and email alerts are then sent to users listing the best options around them. Recently they have come up with an IPO for fund raising. Just Dial's initial public offer to raise $174 million was oversubscribed nearly 12 times in what marked the country's biggest IPO this year (2013).

Quikr is an online classifieds company based in Mumbai. It was launched on 12 July 2008 and is currently present in 900 cities across India. Quikr provides the local community with a platform to help them buy, sell, rent and find something and address needs across many categories. These categories numbering over 12 and sub-categories over 140 range from Mobiles, real estate, cars, services, jobs, entertainment, furniture, electronics etc

It is among one of the largest e-commerce stores in India closely following Flipkart in terms of volume of sales and customer base. It has been able to provide the most competitive rates in the online retail industry making it a preferred online retailer for many. It was launched in February 2010. has a network of more than 50000 Merchants/Brands, and has over 20 million members (which is 1 out of every 6 internet users in the country) and caters to the shopping needs of customers across 4000+ towns and cities.

redBus, also known as, is India's biggest online bus ticketing company.The company also sells tickets through offline outlets. RedBus is estimated to have a market share of 65 percent. RedBus now faces stiff competition from many new players such as Mantis (Travelyaari), AbhiBus and SimplyBus, but it is believed that none of the other companies have the convenience or bandwidth of Redbus’ offerings that combine consumers, operators and travel agents.It was started in 2005.

Make My Trip
Make my trip is an online ticket booking agency established in 2000. It has a major share of customers in flights and bus ticket booking. It faces close competition with which is a relatively newer player. offers the following booking services : airline, railway and bus tickets and reserve hotel rooms and car rentals throught call center/ visitors also have the option of Car rentals in popular Indian cities

It is an Indian online travel agency and a travel search engine based in Gurgaon, Haryana. offers its customers domestic and international flights, weekend getaways, rail tourism packages, holidays, hotels and trains. The website also offers various time-bound deals from time to time. Founded by Dhruv Shringi, Manish Amin and Sabina Chopra in August 2006. By the way stake is owned by Network18 in this company and Salman Khan is their brand ambassador.

Myntra was established by Mukesh Bansal, Ashutosh Lawania, and Vineet Saxena in February 2007. All three are IIT alumni, and have worked for several start-ups. Myntra is headquartered in Delhi and has been funded by Venture Capital funds like IndoUS, IDG & Accel Partners.  It began its operations in the B2B (business to business) segment with the personalization of gifts, which included T-shirts, mugs and caps to name a few. However, in 2010, the company shifted its strategy to becoming a B2C (business to customer) oriented firm, expanding its catalogue to fashion and lifestyle products.

Ibibo which stands for iBuild, iBond, is an Indian social networking site. It is an umbrella site that offers a variety of applications under its social network.Ibibo was founded in January 2007 by Ashish Kashyap who had formerly served as the Head of Indian Sales and Operations for Google. It has a number of companies under the brand. The key portfolio organizations of the group are (Online Travel); (Online Marketplace); (Online Payments) & (Auto Classifieds).

Book My Show
Its India's largest ticket booking site for Movie Tickets, T20 Tickets, Music Concerts, Sports, Plays, Events, Theater, Cinema & Match Tickets. Apart from this it also has information about Cricket Schedule, Match Reviews, Movie Reviews, T20 Match News. Network 18 invested in this company in March 2007. It sells 1 Lakh (a hundred thousand) tickets in a single day on an average.

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10 money saving tips useful in daily life

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Hi friends. In the current times of high inflation, everyone feels a pinch in their pockets while buying things.
Today I am going to give you examples of some commonly used tips and tricks to save money. Some of these might have been used by you already while others might be new. Just take a look:

  1. Keep a track of warranty and guarantee of different stuff. If you already do so well and good. Most of the electronic gadgets and kitchen ware come with an year long warranty. For others who are apathetic to warranty, guarantee, free servicing and stuff like that - Wake Up!!! 
  2. Ask for discount whenever you can. It might surprise you how you can save thousands regularly on simple stuff. There is no harm in asking for it. What can be the worst thing if you ask for it? Your demand will be declined. Well you were anyways going to pay full amount. Just because you were a little shy in asking for discount while buying a product/service you ended up paying 10%-20%. 
  3. Avoid secondhand stuff if it is coming for more than 60% of a new product. This is because for a second hand product you'll later end up paying more for servicing. 
  4. Research the market thoroughly and take an informed decision before buying something. Look up the product on different online stores and visit outlets and stores personally before buying something. Make sure the price you are offered is the best in market.
  5. Never run behind offers, discounts and freebies. Nothing in this world is free. You will be charged somewhere or the other for a free product. The person selling things is also sitting there for profits. 
  6. Rather than buying a replacement for a damaged product/good, check if it can be repaired. IF possible, try getting it repaired in the first place instead of buying a new one. For electronics, get it repaired from genuine shops only.
  7. Secondhand books are a good deal.
  8. Needless to say, be careful and conscious about wastage of electricity. Use energy efficient appliances.
  9. Learn to invest and understand the difference between "A need" and "A want".
  10. Last but the most important one: Educate your kids about money. The earlier you impart financial education to them, the better for the two of you. 
As they say: Money saved is money earned. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Some most lively and polular Bars in Mumbai

After giving a list of top places to Visit and top 5 malls, now presenting the most lively and economic bars in Mumbai.

The Hard Rock Cafe
Obviously it had to be at the top. Located in the posh locality of Lower Parel is a hot spot for rock music fans. The Hard Rock Cafe chain has been loved all over the world and this one in Mumbai is no exception. Loud Music, well-mannered bartenders, wooden furniture and loads of beers makes for the awesome ambience here. You may get a chance to see a live rock band performance as its a prime destination for soch events. Plus there is a merchandise store from where you can get cool Tees and accessories or collectibles which you can flaunt later.
Address: Bombay Dyeing Mill Compound, Pandurang Budhkar Marg, Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400025 
Phone: 022 6651 1209
Price : Quite Costly
Ambience: Awesome
Overall: 8.5/10

Cafe Mondegar:
Cafe Mondegar is a convert of an Iranian restaurant. It is situated about 200 meters from Gateway of India, in South Mumbai. This is a vivacious cafe, enveloped in music playing from jukebox having a collection of jazz, pop & rock. The walls are painted with cartoons and quotes by Mario Miranda. The cafe is open till midnight and serves beer. Vegetable crispies & Onion Rings are the popular snacks with beer. It provides a true and a very lively view of the city-folks. 
Address: 5-A,Metro House, Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Colaba Causeway, Apollo Bandar, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400039 
Phone:022 2202 0591
Price: Medium
Ambience: Good
Overall: 8/10

Leopold Cafe:
One of the oldest cafe in Mumbai (estb. 1871), this one is quite over-rated among the people of Mumbai. Mostly occupied by foreign visitors, it became all the more popular after the 26/11. Yes, if you talk about lively bars of Mumbai, Leopold has got to be there in the list. The cafe is quite crowded especially on weekends as it is quite popular. One could find good crowd here at any time and the service is quick.
Address: SB Singh Road, Apollo Bandar, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001 
Phone:022 2282 8185
Ambience:Crowded on Weekends
Blue Frog
Its the best bar in Mumbai for Music-lovers. You can enjoy your drinks amidst the live-performance of one of the best bands of the world. Opulent ambience design with live performances, inventive cuisine and an excellent bar. Live music runs 6 nights a week, EVERY week, with international artists featured regularly. Genres of music range from jazz, blues, funk, soul and afro/latin to electronic, club, rock, folk and more.
Address: Mathuradas Mills Compound, Opposite Kamala Mills Compound, Entrance from Tulsi Pipe Road, Lower Parel, Mumbai
Price: Costly
Ambience: Awesome
Overall: 7/10 

List of top MBA colleges in Mumbai

Top and the most polular MBA institutes in Mumbai :

1) Jamunalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JBIMS)
2) Shailesh J. Mehta of Management, IIT Bombay
3) Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS)
4) National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE)
5) S. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR)
6) Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) (H.R only)
7) K. J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies
8) Sydenham Institute of Management Studies and Research and Entrepreneurial Education
9) Welinkar Institute of Management Development and Research
10) Chetna's R. K. Institute of Management Studies and Research

Other popular colleges:
Institute of Technology and Management (Navi Mumbai) (ITM)

SIES College of Management Studies

Lala Lajpatrai Institute of Management

MET's Institute of Management

Thakur Institute of Management Studies and Research

ICFAI, Mumbai

IES Management College and Research Centre

Xavier's Institute of Management and Research