Saturday, December 24, 2011

Should India Inc. be apprehensive about a Double - dip yet?

Not much seems to be going right at the moment for India Inc. as such. Be it the value of rupee against dollar or the industrial production growth rate. The stock-market seems to be taking a dive, although the slope doesn't seems to be as steep as the last one. Among this tumult we find the government passing The Food Security Bill amidst the tight fiscal situation. We have news about EU nations on the verge of default which further aggravates the condition. The interest rates are doing no good to the economy than the inflation. Everyone seems to have tightened their fists at the moment, be it the governments or corporates.

I believe this is what should not be happening in the economy. Cutting the costs and spending will exacerbate the situation and will lead to the development of a vicious cycle which might further lead to a double-dip indeed. The market already seems to have stagnated due to the above mentioned reasons and now if we cut the costs/spending then cash will be further sucked out from circulation. The market needs to be eased  by adding surpluses to increase liquidity which can be achieved by lowering the interest rates. Although this might hamper the inflation a bit but in the long run it would be advantageous, I believe. Radical measures should be taken by the government and industries as well to regain the lost faith of investors (both local and foreign). There is light at the end of the tunnel, but length of the tunnel cannot be estimated as yet.