Thursday, December 30, 2010

Emotional attyachar indeed!!!

This season seems to be the one of reality shows on T.V. Our channels today are gushing with a multitude of diversified reality shows. The most popular among all is the mighty Big Boss 3(Colors), in which the contestants (who are mostly losers) spend a lifetime in a small house just to gain the little publicity and of course money. (Never cared much to understand what it is actually about).

Then on V-TV we have Dare to Date, on which we have the two most incompatible people on the planet encountering each other in order to find their love/life mates

in their counter-part (which they seldom do). But in this whole process the TRP is never compromised with.
NDTV imagine then presents us with Rakhi Ka Insaaf. LMAO. Formidable Rakhi Sawant sorts out the grudges between family members and brings them together. I bet she does.
Truth Love Cash (V-TV) and Splitsvilla (M-TV) are two programs I dare not watch. Master Chef India (Star Plus I guess!!) is yet another emotional drama packed cookery show hosted by Akshay Kumar. The Indian Audience surely falls for the food prepared with love and affection and that is what the producers have successfully capitalized on.
Then there is Big Switch (U-TV Bindass). The parents tired with their unruly kids (teenager, mostly) are granted an opportunity to spend a day with some other unruly kid and to act as his/her parent for a day. Whereas the Kid is also provided with a set of Replacement Parent (Yes, this is what they are called “Replacement Parents”) and at the end of the day some close relatives or friends act as judges to decide who had spent a better day without their biological relatives or rather with their replacement kid/parents.
Everything aside, there are two programs I can’t resist discussing about. The audacity and boldness of Axe Ur Ex (V-TV) and Emotional Attyachar (U-TV Bindass) is worth noting. These are the two programs having the boldest approach of all. In Axe Ur Ex, a guy/girl plays pranks on their Ex-girlfriends/ Ex-boyfriends and mind you these pranks are not always harmless. Apart from the public embarrassment and humiliation it creates it might also result in some sort of mental trauma if the victim of prank is not strong emotionally.

In Emotional Attyachar a guy/girl asks the show (Crew of Emotional-Attyachar) to conduct a loyalty test on their counter-parts (Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Best-friend/Wife/Husband……………….. etc.) under the hidden camera. The person being tested is ignorant about the test being conducted. She/he (Person being tested for loyalty) is made to meet an attractive person of opposite sex who enthralls the person and leaves him/her astray. Ultimately it is proved that she/he is not loyal and that too on National Television. Wtf. The public-image of the person is permanently shattered and she/he is left under severe mental stress after the whole hidden camera fiasco.
This whole thing needs to come to an end or else it would be made to do so after something majorly grievous happens.
So this time THINK TWICE.
Jai Hind.