Thursday, July 26, 2012

After one year @ Polaris Financial Technology

I joined Polaris Financial Technology, Mumbai on 25th july 2011 along with 20 more friends from my college and today I had completed one year here. I had joined as a Software Consultant and being a fresher I was quite unaware of the software terminologies and my technical know-how was also not up to the par. But as an year passed by, I got to learn a lot. In every aspect I gained a lot of knowledge, be it technical or professional.We all freshers also got a decent salary in hand which was greater than most of peer employees here and because of which we became the object of jealousy.

On the negative side, employee satisfaction was not the concern of managers or HR here. It was not given importance. Employees are not treated as human-beings but as objects. The project in which I was working seemed to be an unimportant project for the company. It was also not well managed, which is reflected by the high attrition rate. Seven people resgned out ot a team of 18, within six months. So, employee dissatisfaction is emminent. Claims and compensatory-off against work done on weekends are held up and this further caused frustration among the team. Company policies are also not very employee friendly.

There was one incident which caused unrest among batchmates from my college. Some of us were on bench for quite some time and all of a sudden one day, a mail comes from global HR regarding a test to be conducted. It was stated that those unable to clear the test will be asked to leave the company. Furthermore, the conditions to clear the test was to score 80% in a technical and 80% in Apptitude round. Yes, none of us cleared the test and the company indeed asked 3 of my friends to resign as they were on bench for a long time and hence were more of a liability to the company.

My experience here with people was also not very good. I got to meet different kinds of people with different problems. I met talanted people being underpaid and complete idiots being paid heavily. I would say that for a fresher its not a right company to be in.

Learning: 6/10
Compensation: 8/10
Environment: 5/10
Overall: 6/10