Thursday, March 18, 2010

Everyone is suffering form megalomania!!

Most of the ppl i talk to seem to be suffering form this
uncanny delusion. Megalomania: delusion of grandeur.
I donno y, but no one possesses modesty and other primary
human values. M not sure about my point of veiw but
this is the way things seems to be.
In this respect i wud like to point out a small anecdote
about Lord Ganesha and a donkey. Once a procession
was passing through a town... headed by an
idol of Lord Ganesha on the back of a donkey. All the
ppl cascaded flowers over the idol and off course the
donkey. It(the donkey) was being worshiped and it thought
the world is
progressing because of him. so it had a delusion that
he is very imprtnt. So it started walking slower, lazing
around coz it thought itself to be the leader of the pro-
cession.Noticing this the ppl got angry,
kicked the donkey away and removed Lord's
idol from his back, and started carrying the idol by themselves.
The donkey was surprised to see that he
was no more respected by the ppl.
It forgot that its not him but the Lord's idol
that is placed above his back, is respected.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Am i also a schizophrenic, living in this virtual world of mine, where everyone is just another character for me.Everyone is just another entity for me which delivers something and leaves. Is it a virtual world I am living in?
I feel sad when someone mocks at me, i feel glad when i am commended, i am anxious when i think about my future and i feel nostalgic thinking about the past.
My personal faith is that everyone in this world suffers from schizophrenia of a different level.Because everyone has a different level of conception and one can never compare his conception with another. There is no device yet discovered, which can imitate one's feelings and emotions . Its just the thoughts that can be deciphered and that too if one wishes to express them.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

What is my destiny?

 So, again i am writing about a subject that is abstract. Its a comparison between luck and fate.
I question, rather, i doubt the existence of fate. Has your fate been written and is the life you live predetermined? Is it so? Is it the fate that decides our future or is it our deeds? An unscrupulous murderer strolls around the town leisurely while an absolute law abiding citizen is imputed  and is now behind the bars. Was this his fate or just a misfortune to be in the clutches for a crime he did not commit? It might be the ingenuity of the murderer that he absconded and an innocent was caught.

Of course fate has got nothing to do with a man's future. Its his deeds or fortune/misfortune that backs him. While some people might find it cynical,some might agree to this so bizarre a thought.There is a big difference between luck/fortune and destiny. A man can be lucky or unlucky, which completely depends on probability of occurrence of an event and surely not on fate. I am skeptical about the abstract presence of destiny and fate 'coz it has never been proved and can't be proved as well.

Where are you God?

Some people might feel offended after reading this one,
but i have tried not to hurt anyone's religious feelings here.

I feel that our world is full of myths and misconceptions
about the Supernatural. But does anything like this exist, or is it
just our fear of God that makes us believe in such things.
I think the latter. People are told stories about Gods and one
dare not question them.They ought to agree whatever they are being told.
But my conception is a bit different. 
I believe that there is some Ultimate Power controlling
everything. Presence of that Power effects our life on this planet.
 I believe that there is some abstruse
element, beyond our understanding, our imagination, Omnipotent,which controls it all.
That Super-powerful phenomena destined our birth and will decide our death.
I am not an atheist, nor am i an agnostic. But I am a monotheist.  

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Impeccable

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, the apex, the magnum opus of the cricket world, the Indian run-machine and a lot more can be added to the eulogy of this little master blaster.
In 1989, when this mumbaikar made his debut at a tender age of 16 against Pakistan abandoning education for the sake of his first love CRICKET, who knew that 20 years from then, he'll be the king of his world. Soon after hitting his first century in international cricket, he found his second love,accidentally. Anjali Mehta, a medical student. Being in courtship with her for five years, he engaged her in 1994 and married her a year after. She had been her greatest support since then.

Lets take a look at some of his innumerable records and achievements:
Highest run scorer in test and one-day cricket
Maximum numbers of centuries in ODIs and test cricket
15 times man of the series(also a record)
61 times man of the match
the biggest of all: The only man on earth to score a double-ton in an ODI.
and a lot more.....

Life has not been a bed of roses for him. He faced many challenges in his 20 year long career. He Suffered a tennis elbow injury and trouble in his shoulder, but he stopped against none and roared again. Be it a fast bowler or a spinner, he thrashed each and every one of them.

The greatest player of the century is modest, humble and convivial by nature. Never do you find him involved in any controversies. Having a highly balanced personality who takes both criticism and praise as the way it comes to him, without being affected much by them. His calm and serene nature is adored by everyone he meets. His disciplined nature both on and off the field can not be neglected. Apart from the millions of chauvinistic followers, he is also admired by some of the world's greatest cricketers which includes Sanath Jaisurya, Shane Warne, Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev and many more. Chances are there that he is awarded with the highest civilian award "the Bharat Ratna".

I pray this this legendary player lives for a thousand more years and scores a million more runs for the country. Love You Sachin!!!