Sunday, January 23, 2011

Essay : Technology creates more problems than it solves and may threaten or damage the quality of life

Technology is the use of machines to solve problems which in most cases couldn’t be solved manually. The machines were used to make our lives easier and on most occasions it has succeeded. Development of ‘wheel’, ‘telephone’, ‘first-generation computer’ and ‘atom-bomb’ had been the most useful developments for the mankind over the last few centuries. The last century experienced humongous developments in various technological fronts varying from health-care to nuclear-power. Although most of these developments have been very useful for us, but developments in some fields have created a sense of insecurity and an environment or unrest at the global level.
The first misuse of technology had been in the field of nuclear weapons and in WoMD : Weapons of mass destruction. Nuclear powers in the hands of notorious countries like Iran and Pakistan have been an issue of global concern for the past decade. The superpowers of the world are now conscious about the existence of power with the third world nations.
According to the Pentagon, China has the most active land-based ballistic and cruise missile system in the world. The missiles are placed on frontiers of Taiwan and India. These missiles pose a threat not only to the two countries but to the whole world.
These developments have transformed the world to an arsenal possessed by a nation preparing for the World-war.
Setting apart the military developments and taking a look at the advancements in the field of information technology. Julian Assagne’s Wikileaks is also a creation of technology. An archive of the tapes and documents of various private and secret affairs of government is now open to public domain. The views of American minister Hillary Clinton about many nations of the world are unacceptable and has forced them beg pardon from them. It poses a threat to world diplomacy and may result in souring relations among nations.
Apart from the macro aspects, technology has also led to damage to the quality of life at the macro-level. Lethargy has crept into the lives of people as they have become addicted to the comforts of technology. Social-networking has long replaced outdoor sports and computer games have now become the only indoor game at disposal.
It’s not just the humans who are affected but environment also. We are aware of the ill-effects of global warming caused due to the industrial developments. It has been well said the modern technology owes ecology an apology.
Advantages are many but the disadvantages are grave. If world is to be a better place than technology needs to be in better hands.