Thursday, June 7, 2012

In continuation of the previous article I talked about different dimensions of independence. Now I'd proceed further with the concept of financial independence which I consider to be the most important from the perspective of an individuals ego. 
Financial independence is the ability to live a healthy life fulfilled with the basic necessities without any financial help from any other human being or institution. 
I always find it acceptable and rather valid, the comparison of human beings with jungle animals. I find plausible the similarities between the two. The animals take care of their young ones, teach them to earn their food and the art of sustainability during their early ages. In the same was a human being is taught, throughout his childhood and adolescence to try becoming capable of earning a living and sustaining in this world. However after a certain age, when the young ones are able enough, the adult animals leave them to sustain on their own. 
My motive of showing such a contrast might be clear. If not, let me help you. Human beings are also animal-like in most respects. So, if one fine day, when an adult animal sets free the young one, isn't it possible and also natural for human beings to follow suite. Is it not the way human are meant to live. 
Well, what i am describing here might be unorthodox and not many will like my idea, I know. People will argue about man being a social animal. Social, i am unable to understand it enough. 
The point I want to state is- Once an individual starts earning, he/she should start preparing to be financially independent. From the day he/she earns their first wage/profit, they should begin their journey towards independence. If the goal is not reached by the time you retire(if at all you wish to retire ever) then alas, you have never achieved this one kind of independence ever. But, again I'd like to say what I had already said earlier (in my last article): During the process of being financially independent, one must not forget his duties and responsibilities. 
I'd further discuss about the same in my next article where I'd talk about real life practices to be followed to achieve this goal- Financial Independence-the most important one for an individual's ego.        

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


This article has been written keeping in mind the retired individuals. I am going to discuss a different dimention of independence and not the usual kind of independence as we have always perceived it to be. Independence is the most importance criteria of an individuals existence. I have always beleived in independent living and I think most of us do. But what is independence is what we fail to define. Some say we are independent because India is no longer ruled by Britishers while others have a completly different conception of independence where they live in jungles independent of any other human being's intervention. Well, my definition of independence is rather closer to the latter's conception of independence than former's.
Independence to me is the capablity of an individual to live without the help of another individual in any from what so ever. Here I'd like to further explain that help from others is different from the exchange or trade of values or materials such that both the parties benefit. Help is done without selfish motive but trade is done for mutual benefit. So being independent essentially means that you are not helped by others but trade and exchange of benefits is taking place for mutual benefit. Independence is not limited to Financial independence but has more parameters as Emotional, Social and Spiritual. I'd explain these in my next articles.
Being independent means to be ready to face the worst nightmares alone. It means to have the confidence and capability to live independently without any other human beings intervention. The point I want to state here is that if there comes a day when an individual has no family, no friend to give him a shoulder, he should not be heart-broken, instead he should prepare himself, everyday of his life for such an eventuality. He should always be ready for the day when everyone else would relinquish him and he has to live all by himself. He shuold prepare himself for the day when he need not depend on any other individual for his existence. When that day is achieved, I'll say that he has achieved independence.
But there is another side of it that I'd like to point out. In the process of being independent, one must not relinquis his duties and responsiblities rather he himself must help others dependent on him to attain independence. I'd restate that independence is the most important criteria of one's existence and should not be compromised at any cost.