Monday, September 10, 2012

Top 5 Shopping Malls in Mumbai

Mumbai-Thane has over 40 malls altogether, however not all are worth exploring. I have prepared a list of top 10 shopping malls/ shopping destinations to check out in Mumbai/Thane. Although I am not a shopaholic person myself, but i like to visit such places once in a while and spend an evening roaming about the Malls. I avoided mentioning the names of brands present in the malls as it would make the article very long and boring.

High Street Pheonix
The best mall of Mumbai as mentioned by me in my previous articles, this place is also the house for the poshest brands of the world. located near the Lower Parel railway station, its as such a compound accomodating two malls : Pallidium and Grand Galleria. Some of the major stores are still under construction. A variety of brands, mostly premium ones are present here in addition to the designer-wear stores which makes for a quite costly shopping experience. I bet you'll find brands here that have just one store in India. Overall the location is superb, ambience and crowd is amazing and brands are nice but costly. You can go to spend an evening here and watch a movie at PVR followed by dinner at several multi-cuisine restaurants. Food-court like other such malls is absent and is replaced by full-fledged resturants.
Address: High Street Phoenix
The Phoenix Mills Limited
462, Senapati Bapat Marg,
Lower Parel (West)
Brands: 8/10
Ambience: 9/10
Overall: 9/10

R-City Mall Ghatkopar
Self acclaimed largest mall of Mumbai is indeed quite large I'd say. Only 70% of the stores and space is in use presently and the remaining 30% is under construction. But the place which is open is developed very nicely. This mall has got the widest mix of the brands and i find it the best shopping destination for everyone as the range of brands present is very broad. Located between Ghatkopar and Vikroli, the mall has revived the area. The mall looks very lively to me because of its nice architecture. A large food court which is mostly over filled on weekends and Deccan City Pride Multiplex are the two places to check-out here. Dining can be quite truobling as you'll have to be really quick to steal a table from the crowd.
Address: R City Mall, LBS Marg, Ghatkopar, Ghatkopar West

In Orbit Mall Malad
I have visited all the Inorbit mall in like Pune, Vashi and Hyderabad and you bet they have an appetite for excellence. This place is no exception. Beautiful architecture and plentiful brands make it the ultimate shopping destination. Food court which houses the maximum number multifrious kiosks is an appetizer for anyone, I bet. The mall is very large and has many stores so you'll sure get what you are looking for here.
Address:Inorbit Malls ( India ) Pvt. Ltd.,
Link Road, Malad (W),
Mumbai – 400 064

Atria The Millenium Mall
Its the most popular mall among the people of So-Bo. Located in the posh locality like Worli the brands are obviously expected to be hi-end and expensive. Apart from the retail and fashion outlets it also is the premium auto destination The world's top brands like Ducati, BMW and Rolce Royce have their showrooms here. Also present here is the popular entertainment zone Orama- which has a 4-D theater, an ice skating rink and a gaming zone near by the multi-cuisine food-court. Some stores are not fully operative possibly due to high cost but low turnover.
Address:Dr. Annie Beasant Road, Worli

Korum Mall
I couldn't resist myself from adding a Mall from Thane.
The most popular shopping destination for the people of Thane is located in the heart of the city. The mall is beautifully build. You can see 90% of the stores from the ground floor and thats the beauty of its architecture. Its like a megastructure with stores fitted into the walls. Architecture is simple and the ambiece is pleasent. The brands are from all ranges and affordable I'd say. So after enjoying the shopping you can go out for a movie in Inox or have a pleasent dining experience. But the food court doesnot house too many stores and hence the choices offered are limited.
Address: Mangal Pandey Road, Off Easter Express Highway, Thane(W)
Brands: 7

More on Malls and Shopping in my next article.


  1. I have been visiting High Street Phoenix for almost 3 years now. Other than my road trips to adventurous places, this is one place i love going to. I love shopping and after a great shopping experience here, I must say that this is among the best shopping malls in mumbai. For people who are brand conscious and who are looking for an incredible experience, this place is worth going.

  2. These 5 malls are undoubtedly the best luxury shopping malls in Mumbai that stand as a one stop place for all shopaholics. I have been shopping at Palladium - High Street Phoenix and was amazed to find some of the finest brands there.

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  5. Thanks for the post and nice information must visit Luxury Shopping malls

  6. Shopping becomes easy when you find everything at a single place! Lifestyle store at High Street Phoenix is one such great place to shop the things you wish for :)

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  10. High Street Phoenix is the best mall in shopping considering the brands and resto chains. Love the place to the fullest!

  11. That looks a nice place. Thanks for sharing! Anyway, you should also try to visit Abreeza Mall. I'm sure you'll love it too.

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